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Centerline Mapping

Centerline Mapping is a full-lifecycle Geographic Information System (GIS) consultancy firm driving business performance through innovative utility mapping and spatial IT solutions. Centerline Mapping provides end-to-end GIS solutions and training for companies and organizations, enabling clients to efficiently map and manage critical utility data and information. Our certified GIS professionals work closely with clients to ensure quality deliverables and successful projects every time.

Meet The Owner

Tyler Bristow
Tyler Bristow is a certified GIS Professional (GISP) with over 10 years of experience providing GIS consulting for local and federal governments, mid-sized municipalities, and large industrial facilities using various GPS and GIS technology. Tyler provides utility mapping consulting and training for utility companies, locating firms, surveyors, and civil engineers. His son Sawyer serves as VP and keeps the team in line. Are you ready to learn?

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Our Services

Utility Data Management

The key to an intelligent utility system is having one go-to repository for all data. Intelligent utility management begins with GIS and our solutions go beyond mapping pipes and facilities. Use GIS to manage utility data, quickly analyze underground conflicts, optimize field work, and easily collaborate.

Our Services

Utility Map Viewers

Visualize your entire collection of private utility assets in 2D & 3D with our intuitive and user-friendly Utility Map Viewers. Convert inefficient and unorganized sketches, CAD files, and GPS data into an interactive web-based mapping application accessible on any device, anywhere.

Our Services

GIS Consulting & Training

Become the most wanted utility locating firm in your district, break past the technology barrier and offer clients cutting-edge GIS mapping solutions. Blow past your competition and win repeat business and multi-million dollar contracts by offering GIS as a service.


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