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(Utilities are dangerous and should be marked prior to digging and 811 will not mark ALL utilities)

Property Owners Need To Know This

Did you know 811 will not mark your private utilities? Water, gas, communications, & electrical lines are usually owned by the utility up to the meter. Some sewer districts own only the mains; others extend their ownership to laterals up to the property line. The customer typically owns everything beyond these points and 811 utility locators will not mark any underground utilities beyond the ownership boundary, being the meter, property line, or cleanout at the curb. Customer-owned utility lines usually include any that serve additional dwellings, additions & add-ons, sheds, equipment, pools, pumps, parking lighting, security systems, grills, and infrastructure. The public locating service available through 811 applies paint to facilities on your property that are owned by the utility. Any additional utilities owned by the private property and facility, will not be marked. Damaging utilities can be expensive, dangerous, and should be avoided. Hitting a single phone line can cost $2700. Would you rather invest ~$500 to mark the location of underground utilities lines, or risk it and spend $2700+ if you hit one?

Get Your Private Utilities Located & Mapped!